logo-seulWe at North Dean Engineering Ltd pride ourselves on building our business on long-term, trusted partnerships. Working in collaboration with our newly formed European partner, Sotres S.A we are now offering a wider range of plant equipment for the sand processing treatment, recycling of water and mud filter pressing.

Sotres S.A. is an established company, specialising in washing and preparing quality sands throughout the quarry, mining and recycling industries. Having over 35 years experience and operated by skilled engineers, Sotres has a world-wide network.

Based on samples analysed at Sotres’ laboratory or centred on results obtained from clients own analysis, Sotres designs and manufactures sand washing units. This ensures the units are designed to meet specific quality requirements including, particle size, curve and cleanliness.

Due to the sand processing units being composed of modular features, means that a standard assembly is produced for simple installation. Also, the adaptation of the sand processing units ensures that they suit each individual site’s needs and the way in which it is treated.

Basic Workings:

  1. Water and sand are collected into a rubber lined feeding box before entering the tank.
  2. Pulp is conveyed by a centrifugal pump which feeds tangentially the cyclone (s).
  3. The vortex movement inside triggers the liquid / solid separation.
  4. Clay, waste and ultra-fine particles are removed by the overflow.
  5. The centrifugal force makes the solids and heavy elements spiral down the cone – these are conveyed onto the dewaterer.
  6. The dewaterer fitted with two vibrating motors makes the sand move up along a rising deck equipped with polyurethane anti -clogging slotted meshes.
  7. The rubber lined discharge chute collects the dewatered sand toward the belt conveyor while the filtrate return to the tank.

Sotres Module SM

Modules included in the Sotres Processing Unit:

1. The tank and pump unit on its bottom chassis

2. The cyclone (s) with overflow waste water support box

3. The dewaterer chassis gangway assembly and access stairs

Giving all conceivable changes, these modules can stand completely solitary to meet installation needs. This is particularly beneficial for any modifications to existing installations.

All specifications are determined from analysis of the products required to be processed. Any processing requirements may result in the need for a single or double stage cycloning, this can be with or without technical separation.

Contact mail@northdeanengineering.co.uk or call us on 0870 100 1020 for further details.

You can download a pdf of Sotres Industrial Applications, just click here:- SOTRES applications


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